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Aon Video Animation

Animated Video, Video
About This Project

For the last 12 months we have worked with Aon Hewitt to create a series of animated videos to support each product teams marketing campaign. The campaigns are all based around Investment and pensions issues. The videos have been animation based and used to emphasise the key points in some very technical documents and simplify the messages we have tackled:


Trustee Checklist
Risk Management


The videos have supported the marketing campaigns in print and digital and allowed users to get an understanding of the key top line messages within the documents.


The Avviso team worked on the videos with the institutional marketing team and the individual product teams. Each video has had a new team internally at Aon to work with, this has enabled us to create and interpret three very different subjects and ideas on how to produce the final product. Once we have been introduced to the project we will sit down and meet with the team to discuss the key messages and best approach for the footage.


We set up different times to come in and record any footage needed, once we begin the editing process we are continually in touch and changing the drafts to fit with the clients specification.


The main challenge with a large corporate client such as Aon, is that we have to work within the very controlled brand guidelines set by Aon’s head office in the US. It does make experimenting with a new format challenging and can involve quite a few revisions over the course of the project build.


Avviso Media have show to be extremely capable of developing creative briefs within extremely tight corporate brand guidelines.


To complete the video we are happy to come in with the green screen and mobile studio to capture the footage of the team, this adds personality and again works with the profile raising of the team.