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Social Media Forum #SocialDayUK

Events Management, Social media
About This Project

Social Day is a series of events around the UK that are designed to offer maximum value to business owners, marketers and freelancers across the county. The shows our delegates how to use social media and digital marketing for business.


The events have a simple ethos:


“Learn not just what to do but exactly how to to it!”


We have handpicked speakers who have actually been out and delivered in the real world, not just a series of so called experts. Our speakers through a series of workshops and interactive sessions show our delegates the tips and tricks that have helped them drive return on investment for their own businesses.


#SocialDayUK ran 5 events throughout 2016, 3 events in London, Birmingham and Kent. We have had over 1000 paying delegates, over 45 different speakers and covered topics from paid social through to livestreaming. (you can also add a Mannequin Challenge and a whole heap of fun)


Social Day was a concept that Lucy created, sick of going to events to hear “experts” repeat the same theoretical sessions offering little value to business owners she decided to do something about it. A year on and already the #SocialDayUK brand has become one of the leading Social Media events already, which is why for 2017 we will be growing the events to accommodate more delegates and taking the event out to some new areas.


Please take a look at the feedback from our last events