Why long form, detailed website content is a great long term investment for your business.

We always talk a lot about social media and content creation, but today I am going to talk to you about the importance of good quality content beyond social media. Let’s focus on website SEO and solving buyer problems.

We all want to be ‘on top of Google’ for our target search terms. The truth is that while you can appear high in search you won’t appear there for every search term because every single searcher gets a different result based on the intent of their search.

For example if I perform a search on google for “how does the Facebook algorithm work”, the Google algorithm will look at my previous searches, the time of year, where I live and where I am located right now amongst other factors to give me the most targeted and tailored results for my search request, meaning that there are so many factors that will determine where I will end up. But where I do end up needs to answer my question or solve my problem.

Creating good quality content that helps buyers in the research phase is a key factor to not only helping Google rank you higher but ensuring that the buyer sticks around to read your content.

This content must be helpful and satisfying to the reader. If the content you create is low quality and created specifically with search in mind it’s likely the buyer will leave the website quickly, this activity google notices and if it happens frequently you will no longer rank highly for your target phrases or keywords.

There has been a myth circulating on social media and in the many articles created by some internet marketers that people don’t read long form content anymore because they have a short attention span. This has never been more incorrect, for example, going back to my search term “how does the Facebook algorithm work” if I landed on a page which had a couple of sentences about the Facebook algorithm and didn’t go into enough detail to answer my question I’d be leaving pretty quickly. If the article / content I read explains my question in detail and also includes some anecdotes I’m much more likely to read on. If I stay on that page for longer this is a factor that Google notices, it shows that the searchers questions are being answered. Now if the writer then offers further reading in links throughout the article and recommended reading at the end, I’m likely to carry on researching on this website because I have no need to go back and perform another search, the writer has now also gained my respect, I trust them to give me good information so I may go on and follow them on social media, join their email list or look to further reading / buy their products or services. This also impacts the bounce rate, if the bounce rate is low that means that people are sticking around and looking at more pages rather than clicking on and jumping straight off. Bounce rate is another factor that Google uses for deciding where your page will rank.

So in a nutshell, creating detailed written content, rich in media that captures the reader’s attention and solves their problems around the questions you get asked the most will increase your chances of being found but also will help you build trust with buyers in the research phase.

I suggest making a list of the top questions you get asked and the questions the buyer may be asking in the research phase, for example:

“what to look for when hiring a social media manager”
“How to use social media for local events”

And so on….

Obviously aside from content there a few things you need to do as standard to make sure Google loves your website such as the correct page heading tags, descriptive URL’s, good page description, links from good quality websites, faster page speeds and so on. In fact, This isn’t a dark art, Google itself offers a starter guide, here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/7451184?hl=en

Once you’ve created this descriptive and helpful long-form or pillar content it’s done! And so it will keep working for you over and over again. Which makes sense doesn’t it? It’s a long-term investment and one worth taking.