Conjecture – Episode 1

Welcome to Conjecture, a regular feature I am going to put out on a few of my networks to look at some of the challenges both my clients and peers have in the world of digital marketing.  Conjecture sums it up for me, on a daily basis I hear and see tips and advice go out often pitched as a miracle success formula, however often these conclusions are drawn without the full information. While I am going to offer my own opinions I would like to also hear your views.


We are awash with content and the bigger your network the more you see and this will be true of those you are targeting, so how do you get your message out in a sea of noise. We are forever told that you need to put out quality content, some suggest frequency but what does any of that actually mean?


For many years I have been an advocate of understanding your target markets problems, working in B2B we are constantly having thought leadership pushed in our direction. Does this make for good content? Do you have the ability and the time to keep pushing out these unique view (time is a commodity that most businesses we work with don’t have)


How do you create quality content, it’s simple start with your target audience, customers past and present what is the question they ask you most often? What is the biggest issue they face?


Show that you first and foremost understand the problem, no matter what business you are in everyone will realise you have a solution, but when we talk about building relationships first find some common ground, an understanding of the issues and challenges your audience are facing.


Every industry and market has its fears and problems, (if you work in a sector that does not, hey I would love to talk to you, message me) This though has to be your basis for establishing a repor with your prospective clients,


When working in publishing we often applied this principle into our articles and features, almost always within the business and finance publications we applied this to create our content and its the same now working with clients.  


When you are writing content ask yourself, is this going to help someone in their job if you are targeting a senior individual in a business, a key decision maker? Will this help a business founder grow? Are you engaged in the issue?


Get this part right and you will find creating the right kind of content will possibly come that little bit easier?


I would love to hear your views on what you think makes good content and tips that you use? Drop me a comment below