How to Beat Content Block…

How to Beat Content Block.. Working in Social Media Marketing for a living, we know that best practice is to create new and unique content for our posts. Sure, we can repurpose some content give it a different flavour although its best to come up with brand new content as often as you can. We often hear clients and prospective clients say that it’s hard to create content, they don’t know what will interest people and that when they run out of ideas after a few days, it can feel like they are repeating themselves.
It’s a topic that is close to my heart, not because I am some evangelist nor am I trying to build a brand or speaker profile talking about this subject, and you certainly will not find me offering a coaching course on this subject anytime soon.  It’s close to my heart as for the last 6 months I have worked on creating new content for an event and at times I have felt devoid of ideas and if I am honest at times a little bit knackered by it all. At the same time, we have had client work going out (the event is our very own, every day for 6 months I have created and found new content to share, this has included creating over 50 videos animated, interviews and promo, I have lost count of the social media posts across 4 networks most of which were native content. This, of course, has thrown up a few thoughts.

Firstly, its ok to feel like this, we all get like it and don’t feel like you are alone. Many events and online courses focus on the how to create content which is a huge help, but entirely useless if you have a creative block and can’t think rationally about what you need to say before you do that you need to learn to RELAX

To produce consistently good content you need to switch off every now again and recharge, get inspired. I am not suggesting that you take a holiday, although I am sure that would help, what I am saying is that as soon as you feel the “content block” coming, don’t procrastinate looking at your Facebook feed, watching the clock and waiting for an acceptable time to down tools. You are kidding yourself, take a step back to something else but most importantly as soon as you can do something that helps you switch off.

I have a few mechanisms but for getting the creativity following again, it’s all about the music, especially live music with a nice cold drink! I try now to make sure that I have a few of my favourite bands booked in each year. It simply takes me to a different place and I come back refreshed, inspired.

         Whatever you do, next time you are having a content block don’t fear it! Accept that it is going to happen and that you need to take action.

Creating original content can feel daunting if you are not used to putting out a post over social media.  We have loads of tools and resources to help, the main thing is to create something that interests your target audience. I bet you have sat and written something in that strange 3rd person language that defines business you? Drop it, be yourself and talk to your customers just as you would if you are face to face, save the corporate spin for Linkedin.

Ask yourself does the content appeal to me, then worry about being on brand and on message. Anxiety hits us all, no one likes to be judged, be brave, put it out and seek feedback from people you trust. I have world class speakers talk at our events who I know suffer the very same thing!

One of the best bits of advice I ever heard for creating content was to answer the questions you get asked most often.  If you start here you are not going to go far wrong. The mind is an amazing thing, it often works best we are relaxed, there is a reason our best ideas often come in the bath or shower.

Before you start your next brainstorm session or follow that step by step guide to creating content, make sure you are in the right frame of mind, chill out a bit and put on your favourite songs!