The Great Content Soak

I came across this phrase the other day on Linkedin, I think it is just fantastic and perfectly describes some attitudes towards marketing.
The great content soak, what the hell is it?

It perfectly describes the volume of people churning out the same old shite, but are they? or is it that you are consuming the same old shite?

We get hung up in marketing about peer views and it’s the same for any sector I guess, but don’t complain about seeing the same old shite, get active go out and look that little bit harder. The world is full of new and exciting views, new ways to see and do things and great examples of how to mix it up.  Just don’t wait for it to be served to your news feed, get out and find new opinions and views because guess what, you keep clicking on the same old stories all those social networks algorithms are just going to keep dishing it up for you.

Sick of reading the same shite? then swipe on by, then mix it up, stop being lazy and waiting for it to come to you. It’s important to avoid this, as it just leads to procrastination and getting sucked into the mindset of complaining.

Personally, I like nothing better than looking at a completely different sector and seeing how they push messages and engage with audiences, as you can possibly tell from the theme of our site music and festivals are an area we look towards.  

Now to the crux, you feel like this about the content you digest, what about the content you produce?  

It’s inevitable in all sectors that you will see content overlap and you are bound to have a similar view to someone else or have similar things to say.  Don’t make the mistake of churning things out, use your own tone, have a voice, own it!

Think about how you put your message across, can you use humour? Do you have a story to tell? Can you create a case study that showcases what you want to say? Do you need to say it in the first instance?

As an industry we often tell people to be consistent with content, you have to be present, but seriously don’t put something out that’s crap just for the sake of being “visible” I guarantee you’ll turn more people off than on. Yes be consistent, but if that’s once a week for something half decent then it’s better than being known for producing consistent crap day in day out.

Take a step back before your next post and simply ask yourself is this worth putting out, what will it achieve? Is it interesting? If you think it is, then go for it.

Stay dry!