A New Social Media Video Campaign

I promised we would be back with a regular update! We have been really busy working on animations for a large corporate client we had 8 weeks to produce 13 bespoke animations as well as manage the existing workload and produce content for not one but two #socialdayUK events.
That’s where I want to pick up with you, we have produced so much unique content for both the London and Birmingham events that I thought I would share a few things we’ve learned along the way.

No sales here, if you want the details head to the website. It’s all well and good knowing where your target market is but getting them to engage is quite another especially when your audience is highly experienced marketers (more so for our London Event) Trying to sell an event to people that market products for a living, yea its a tough old nut to crack. 😉

It has allowed us to really experiment with some of the content we produce and almost exclusively all the marketing has been done via video or Livestream content.

Our announcements were done as little animations, the concept was to visually do something different most of the videos in a Facebook feed seem to be a person facing camera and selling something, I can almost script them all its the old AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action)

“I used to be skint”

“then I discovered this secret way of doing something”

“come join my course/product/thing and you to will have all this amazing success in a short space of time” 

Don’t get me started!

Back to the point, you have a lot of content that looks the same and we needed to get a very niche audience to sit up and take notice, so 6 months before the London event we began to make speaker announcements, here was our first to announce the “Head of Twitter EMEA”


We ran this campaign for two months, we next focused on producing interviews with speakers, adding some meat on the bone and beginning to discuss the real issues.  This also gave interested delegates the chance to get involved by sending in questions during the Livestream, the software we used it’s for Facebook Live but allows you to go into split screen. Here you can see Lucy interviewing the fabulous Chris Ducker- personal branding and Livestream expert (I don’t use those words lightly) here you can see how the Livestream strategy works and how regardless of your niche you can make this work for you. Chris and Lucy discuss loads of great ideas but for any business, the opportunity to show off your knowledge and engage directly with potential customers is not to be missed.

This also is a great example of how you can give content away, I am sure you have heard about giving away good content… here you can see how it’s done.

Finally, we wanted to liven it all up a bit, so we came back to our punky roots and started making some videos to grab audience attention and reinforce the marketing message, these were really call to action videos to drive direct sales based on single topics. We used lots of questions in the footage to get those thinking of attending focused on the core content that we have.

In all, for this campaign, we created around 60 videos in three categories: animation, live interview and black and white. Both the animations and the black and white videos we kept under the 45 seconds as this was optimised for social sharing.  The interviews lasted between 20 minutes and just over an hour, these were posted on to the socialday facebook page and then loaded onto youtube to be posted on Linkedin and also hosted on the website.

If you want to talk about a video campaign, animations or Livestream please feel free to give us a shout and drop us your brief, we are happy to have a conversation with you and discuss how we can help.