Podcasting the perfect way to target niche but profitable audiences (Case Study)

Have your team considered Podcasting as another way to reach niche but profitable audiences?

In this Case Study we explain the success we’ve had with a global financial services corporation. 

Client: “We need to find a new way of getting our thought leadership content out into the market”

Avviso: You should consider a podcast!

Client: “A what? Who will listen to that?”

Podcasts don’t need to be number 1 on iTunes to work for you!

We worked to target a niche but profitable audience, delivering thought leadership content via audio we are able to deliver the customers content to their audience in a way which appeals to them.

Case study:

We should create a podcast, not something you would suggest to all B2B companies, especially in the institutional finance space.

Our client Aon have many thought leadership assets, in the format of research reports, articles and content from live events. They have a well-structured marketing strategy that is campaign based.

The team at Aon wanted to find another way to engage with those who were not already clients of the Institutional team and were looking for a high-value content strategy to act as the top of funnel marketing and lead nurturing.

With prior knowledge of the Institutional finance and B2B markets, we knew Aon’s core audience. We wanted to draw on the individuals within the organisation and showcase not only the knowledge but also the personality within the team.

That’s why we created a podcast, knowing that the value of the transactions can grow into millions of pounds, and can take many months to come to fruition, education, insight and authority are paramount to the thought leadership strategy.

Brands are also now having to act as publishers, creating content that entertains as well as informs, which is why the “Pensions Podcast” hit the mark for its target audience.

With the way we receive communication continually changing, and becoming more available on our mobile phones we knew that audio was an easy to digest format that users could enjoy on the move perhaps during a commute or simply on demand when time permits.

Our delivery

We take out the mobile studio to the Aon head office and record the podcasts on site, we then edit back in the main studio.

We then provide a range of social assets in line with the brand guidelines for the client to distribute as part of the wider social media content plan.


The Results

As well as being able to track the social media assets, we can track the listens and the length of those listens.  This can not be done in traditional media such as third-party publications, traditional B2B trade magazine can tell you how many copies were sent out, but none can really tell you how many read that article.

Social media also gives instant feedback on the episodes which then allows the product teams to pick up on and further the conversation often face to face.

We have gained an engaged audience which regularly listens to the latest podcast, having produced these for over a year we can see the previous episodes are now acting as long-tail content that often draws in those who were not familiar with the brand.

Would you like to explore professional podcasting for your brand? Avviso Media has a professional team of audio experts and mobile podcast studio, which means we can bring the studio to your space.

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