Quick Guide to Getting Started With Simple Social Video

Are you using Social Video to support your marketing content in your business? It’s never been easier to get started.  I am going to share a few easy steps you can take to start adding some short video into your content mix.  
First though let’s look at what you are going to say, as with any message you send out, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to say, we also need to remember that we are producing this video for Social Media. That’s important as you need to understand the audience and the social network you are using to engage with them. For longer videos you have other platforms to distribute that content, long form on Social Media works if you have an established community for example and you are placing it on the page, however most social video is short form as we are trying to grab attention of those who may not yet be familiar with our brands or business.


Step 1 – Plan what you want to say!


AIDA (Attention – Interest – Desire – Actions)

Ah yes that sales classic, and who can forget Alec Baldwin in Glengarry glen ross. It is though massively relevant for social video as we need to ensure these simple elements are delivered to make the most impact.

You need to grab attention first, as with any static avert, it needs to be instantly recognisable and will take into account any brand, my preference is to sketch out the message first, save time and hours of on screen deliberating by getting your message down on some paper first.


Step 2 – Bitable

Once you have planned what you want to say you can use a free online video production package to create your template.  You can find many online but Bitable is very easy to use and creates a professional video for you to share. You will be limited in fonts and number of characters, so keep it short, keep it simple!

Once registered you go to create video and pick the start from scratch or if you like you can use the preloaded templates they have for you.  Next, you will see a selection of animations available they fall into the following categories.

Stock footage – short films (people blowing bubbles etc)

Animation – stock animations, lots of scenes to choose from and room to enter your text.  

Footage – like the stock preset real footage with room for next that is animated.

Upload picture – these are animations designed for your logo

Upload video – you can add a short video here and text will animate over it.  

Step 3 Getting started

I am going to use the animations, you can see that when you hover over the tiles you can preview what the animation will look like, ignore the colour you can change the colours later on (unless it is a fixed coloured scene, these are not black and white on the main screen)

Pick the scene you want to use (they are around 4 or 6 seconds long) and you will see where to add the text. I have pushed the character’s over the allotted 50 in the past and I find you can get away with around 70.  Also, some of the videos have two text points which can help to get a larger message in without it being crowded or displaying strangely.

Once finished adding text you can edit the colours, I prefer to do this at the end so would recommend you click the + button.  This will take you back to the screen with the animations, here you can add another scene, repeat until finished.

You will then have the option to change the colour, you will be presented with some common combinations that work well, you can though click on custom colours and use the Hex codes to ensure colours are on brand.  You can also get an idea of how they work together with the colour of the text.  


Next step is to pick music, they are ok for most.  However is you are competent with iMovie you can remove the sound and add your own later on (by simply up pulling the file into iMovie, clicking in it and separating the audio then deleting it and adding your own, just make sure you get a royalty-free music)


Now we are ready, click preview and it will let you know how long it will take, simply download and you will have a finished video that looks something like this.  Now this only took around 30 minutes to complete (planning through to getting a finished result) It is fine for most, however, it clearly has limitations, bespoke animation takes much longer to do and prices will vary for simple explainers and social videos.  If you want to chat to us about creating some animation drop us a line here and brief us