Are you retargeting using a Facebook Pixel?

🤔 Facebook Ads are always a hot topic for content. Should you boost your post? Should you set up the audience in the Facebook Ads Manager?Of course, this can depend on what you are trying to achieve. It might be that you are trying to get a new audience of like-minded individuals, you may be simply trying to find new customers and drive business.

If you are going to spend budget on Facebook Ads, be sure to get the “pixel”

😲 The what? a pixel, it’s not a mythical beast 👹 it’s a real thing, it’s a 1X1 pixel, so why is it important? 👇

It’s a bit of code that lets you track visitors from your Facebook Ads, you can create some really cool things with custom audiences, but for this reason, alone it’s worth setting up. It gives you the ability to retarget!

You can retarget those who came to your site, they came for a reason now you can help them make a decision on making that purchase, you can also create lookalike audience based on these visitors.

Go on, Get your pixel added, If you need help setting up your Facebook ads or in general with paid social come and talk to us