Is Tech killing creativity?


A slightly different conjecture this week, I have been looking back, you see we are coming up to a year of being full time in Avviso media, I also celebrated a birthday, the next one is a milestone so with some nostalgia I have been looking back at how quickly things have moved and not just in the last year., Looking back to the late 80’a as a 12 year old technology amazed me, the spectrum ZX was at the cutting edge, then the sega master system and megadrive took things up a notch until we then got the playstation. From the eve of the millennium to today how far has technology come, it’s incredible really.  

It made me think about some of the tech that has been around and not quite broken through, VR and Augmented reality have been on the cusp for a while, but we are yet to reach that point where it’s integrated into everyday life, will it happen, what does the next decade look like, what will we look back on and not quite believe the progress and speed of development.

The continued development of the electric car, space travel and hyperloops all progressing, I smile slightly when I look at the pace of change and still see some sectors stuck, It still amazes me that moving house and the legal process seems stuck in the dark ages with solicitors choosing to write to each other (not all granted) don’t get me started on red tape and some legislation.

This also led me to ponder, despite the rapid rise in technology has it clouded some of our approaches, have we gained pace in areas but lost creativity in others, for example, I love music, I love digital music and the ability to stream (legally :-0) but when used to buy vinyl, CD’s and Cassettes, you would go to the shop meet like minded people, that connection for me cannot be replicated online, we also lost singles, and while in the main it’s not something I crave, but B – sides were something to behold, often a chance for artists to express themselves away from the “labels” commercial brief. Did we sacrifice some creativity?

Is It true in other areas, particularly marketing, demand for instant results, has that killed some of the more creative ways to connect and engage with audiences, anyone remember the yo yos you used to get in the 90’s with certain brands of fizzy drinks, and walkers crisps instant wins in the packets.

In marketing the reliance of user generated content, which is unedited has created an environment where we now have to much noise. Technology has given us the power of data, and lots of it, but it has also given us the speed to produce content that such a pace that so much of it becomes, how to put this “bland” and “samey”

Within my own business, when coming up with ideas for campaigns we create an environment free from distraction, focused on the client, but more often than not the best ideas come while i’m having a soak in the bathtub, I have not done any research but I’ll bet the house that because i am not plugged into a device and my mind is free to wonder that contributes to the bath being such a creative hotbed of ideas.


Do you think Tech is killing creativity, or enhancing it? Would love to get your views!